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Our Clinic

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Large X-ray (OPG)

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Contactless Payment

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Contact Us

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Welcome to DentIdeal Clinic

Every smile communicates, inspires and motivates people through the ideas and feelings it expresses and it is unique in its character and aesthetic match.

A healthy, beautiful and yet natural smile is what the doctors at DentIdeal Clinic are striving to offer to their patients. State of the art diagnostics, on-site master dental laboratory and a select and private environment, all converge in providing each patient with minimally-invasive and comfortable dental care.

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Why Choose Us?

Some people dread going to the dentist, especially if they’re visiting a new dentist for the first time. That’s why at DentIdeal Clinic, we do everything we can to make your dental experience - well, happy.

DentIdeal Clinic combines the friendly, personalized care of your local neighborhood dentist with the modern amenities of a high-tech dentistry practice. As specialists in painless dentistry, we want your experience at DentIdeal Clinic to be stress-free and pain-free!

From the music softly playing in the background to the beautifully decorated reception area, our dental office provides a comfortable, relaxing environment. From the moment you walk in our doors, your comfort is our main concern.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Friendly staff, very helpful.

Dentists at DentIdeal Clinic has helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist and fear of the pain. They are very patient, calming, and takes time to explain things so I can understand them and has a sense of humor which helps me. I like my hygienist and the rest of my support staff.

- Daniel McFadden, Manager -


I brought in both of my children (6 and 4), the staff was so friendly, patient, and accommodating!! They were in different rooms to which I floated back and forth to. Each time I went to check on them they were happy and doing what was asked. My kids talked about how much they loved their hygienists.

- Mark McCormack, Researcher -

Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for your wonderful and professional dental care. My last dentist retired and I was nervous about selecting my future dental care professionals. After selecting DentIdeal Clinic, I feel compelled to send you a note to let you know how great my experience was.

- George Turner, Businessman -

Professional and friendly!

I’ve been going to DentIdeal Clinic for years and have always had top-notch care. My hygienist does a great job cleaning my teeth and my dentist is friendly and listens to any concerns I have. My teeth always feel spotless when I leave. Great experience. Friendly and attentive staff.

- Lisa Gill, Chemist -